The main goal of the summer school is to support and promote young academicians working in the field of Ottoman and Turkish studies. Through introductory survey courses on Ottoman history and Ottoman Turkish, we wish to familiarize students with basic themes and subjects of Ottoman history and encourage them for further studies on the field. Secondly, we also aim to provide a suitable platform for students who have already started to work in the field of Ottoman and Turkish studies to further their language proficiency and familiarity with the sources of Ottoman history.

          Formal Education Courses

  • Ottoman Turkish: This four weeks intensive course aims to introduce students the basics of Ottoman Turkish. The main focus will be on learning general characteristics of the Ottoman alphabet, word roots and affixes of Turkish in Ottoman alphabet. The course prepares students for higher level Ottoman courses and reading printed Ottoman Turkish texts.
  • Modern Turkish: This course aims to introduce students with no or little background in Turkish to basic grammar and important vocabulary. The goal is to prepare students to read Turkish at elementary level.
  • Ottoman Social and Economic Life: In this survey course we aim to introduce the students to the basic characteristics of the economic and social system of the Ottoman Empire. On the economic as well as the social front we will touch upon the main terminology and the relevant Ottoman institutions. The evolution of these institutions down to the end of the Empire as well as their evaluation in a comparative perspective will be the topics of this course. This course will also introduce the students to the basic literature on Ottoman Economic and Social history and the main debates in this literature.
  • Ottoman History of Science and Thought: The goal of this course is to explore the general characteristics of scientific activities and intellectual life in the Ottoman Empire. The course will cover selected topics related to major achievements and influential figures in history of Ottoman science and thought.
  • Ottoman Art and Culture: This course will focus on the formation and transformation of Ottoman artistic, architectural practices as well as on cultural interactions within and outside the Ottoman Empire. It will also examine the significant cultural contributions of Ottoman art and architecture.